4 Essential Jet Ski Maintenance Tasks

The best way to keep your jet ski in premium condition is to follow a regular maintenance schedule. By changing the oil regularly, keeping the battery charged, and more, you can drive your personal watercraft for many years. At H2O Craft Rentals & Repair, we highly recommend that you either perform these regular maintenance tasks or have our professional technicians take care of them on your behalf. It can mean all the difference if you’re looking forward to enjoying next summer on the water.

4 Essential Jet Ski Maintenance Tasks

1. Change the Oil

Jet skis typically require oil changes each year or every 50 engine hours. You should check the owner’s manual in case your particular brand of jet ski requires oil changes more often. Oil usually becomes contaminated with moisture and carbon which is why the more you run your jet ski, the more frequently the oil may need to be changed.

2. Change the Battery

Batteries typically last anywhere between three to five years. If your watercraft has a higher horsepower, the battery may need to be replaced more often. When you store your jet ski for the winter, it’s very important to take out the battery and store it separately from the machine. If you keep it charged while in storage, the battery has the potential to last a full five years. 

3. Replace Spark Plugs

It’s recommended that spark plugs be changed once a year. They are not expensive at all as they only cost about $2.00 apiece, which makes them a small investment for keeping your jet ski working at its best. It can be helpful to keep extra spark plugs onboard your watercraft in case you need to replace them while out on the water. 

4. Flush Fluids

At the end of the riding season, it’s imperative to drain and replace all fluids including the fuel, motor oil, and oil filter. A two-stroke engine typically needs a pre-mixed fuel and oil combination, whereas a four-stroke engine has separate tanks for oil and fuel. The owner’s manual should give you the exact specifications you need for your particular jet ski. 

Expert Jet Ski Maintenance

If you prefer to have professionals perform these tasks for you, call our expert mechanics to schedule an appointment at (209) 833-6893 or request a quote online. We serve Lake Don Pedro and the surrounding areas with our jet ski rentals, fishing boat rentals, pontoon boat rentals, and boat repair services.

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