3 Tips for Boat Maintenance during the Off-Season

Now that boating season has come to a temporary end, it’s time to think about maintaining and protecting your boat through the winter. At H2O Craft Rentals & Repair, we perform boat maintenance and repairs any time of the year, but we are also experts at boat winterization. If you’d like to maintain your boat on your own, we recommend you follow the three tips below.

3 Tips for Boat Maintenance During the Off-Season

1. Thoroughly Clean Your Boat

Before storing for the winter, your boat should be cleaned both inside and out. For the inside of the boat, remove any items that are valuable or shouldn’t be kept in the boat over the winter like electronics, flares, and fire extinguishers. Empty and clean out all cabinets and drawers. Clean and remove any cushions, storing them in a climate-controlled environment, if possible, to prevent mold and mildew. 

For the outside of the boat, begin by pressure washing the hull. Next, inspect the rudders, shaft, and other exterior surfaces for any repairs that need to be made. When cleaning soft surfaces like bimini tops, follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions to keep them in prime condition.

2. Inspect the Engine & Change the Oil

Inspect the engine for signs of wear and tear, and then change the oil. Be sure to run the engine for a bit to warm up the oil as this will make the oil changing process much easier. Next, you will want to flush the engine with a non-toxic antifreeze, change the transmission fluid, remove the spark plugs, and clean the engine with fogging spray. If you prefer, any of our professional mechanics can complete all of these maintenance tasks for you.

3. Protect It with a Boat Cover

While you may want to save some money and use a simple tarp to cover your boat, we highly suggest against it. Tarps can be abrasive and cause unnecessary damage to your watercraft. If you store your boat outside, wind or strong weather can rip or tear the tarp from the boat, exposing it to the elements. If you’re not sure which boat cover to use, feel free to talk to the staff at our service shop. We can recommend a boat cover that is best for your type of boat, one that will also repel water and resist mold.

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