3 Common Jet Ski Issues That Need Professional Attention

A jet ski with mechanical issues can be a serious downer if you’ve planned a weekend of riding the waves in Delta Lake, CA. Knowing the causes behind some of the most common jet ski problems can be helpful when you experience any of these issues. The team at H2O Crafts Rental and Repair is also ready to assist you with any necessary or emergency jet ski repairs and maintenance.

3 Common Jet Ski Issues That Need Professional Repair

1. Won’t Start

A weak battery is usually the culprit when a jet ski won’t start. There may not be enough voltage in the battery to actually turn the engine on. A professional jet ski repair shop can charge the battery, and get your jet ski up and running again. 

2. Misfired Engine

A misfired engine can be caused by a number of mechanical problems:

  • Defective or worn spark plugs
  • Water inside the spark plugs
  • Old or water-contaminated fuel
  • Faulty ignition coil
  • Clogged injectors

A certified watercraft mechanic is well-versed in basic engine maintenance and can take easily care of all of these issues.

3. Water Leak

Never use a jet ski with a water leak. You could cause more damage to your personal watercraft and endanger yourself too. While riding on deep water, the leak could rapidly expand to the rest of the jet ski, filling the entire machine and essentially causing it to sink. If your jet ski is filling with water, this could be created by a variety of internal problems, such as:

  • Bad seal on the main shaft
  • Loose compression fitting
  • Drain plugs not fitting correctly

Professional & Courteous Service

Don’t let a mechanical issue keep you from enjoying a weekend on the water. Call H2O Craft Rentals and Repair at (209) 833-6893, or request service online. We also provide boat repair services to the communities of Lake Tahoe, CA, Lake Tulloch, CA, and the Woodward Reservoir.

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