4 Safety Tips When Riding a Jet Ski

If you’re visiting the Woodward Reservoir area and would like to rent a jet ski from H2O Craft Rentals & Repair, we are more than excited to help you have an amazing time on the water. While riding a jet ski can be an action-packed way to enjoy the lake, we also want to be sure you and your party remain safe. Follow these four safety tips to ensure you have a rip-roaring time while also arriving home safe and sound.

4 Safety Tips When Riding a Jet Ski

1. Take a Safety Course

One of the best defenses for riding a jet ski safely is to take a jet ski safety course. We can give you access to a free online jet ski safety course that you can take at your convenience. In fact, if you take and pass this course, simply bring your certificate in when you pick up your rental, and you’ll receive $65 off the rental price!

2. Be Aware

Riding a wave runner can be thrilling and fun but you also need to be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to those riding near you along with any obstructions that may be in your path. Always drive your jet ski at a safe speed and respect buoys, large vessels, and other navigational aids.

3. Tell Someone Your Plans

You may be an experienced swimmer but unfortunately, accidents do happen. If something should occur, it would be very helpful for rescue teams and local law enforcement to have an idea of where you were planning on riding your jet ski. You may also want to include information like other passengers you were riding with and their names and phone numbers.

4. Wear a Life Jacket

Wearing a life jacket while on the water, whether in a boat or wave runner rental, is water safety 101. Be sure to keep them on the entire time you’re out on the water. If you have passengers with you who don’t know how to swim, this is especially important for them. 

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