Add These 3 Destinations to Your Lake Camanche Vacation

Vacationing with family or friends at Lake Camanche can be a fun and relaxing time for everyone. There are hiking trails nearby, tent and RV hook-up sites along the lake, and jet ski rentals available to play all day in the water. If you want to explore some popular tourist destinations in the area, H2O Craft Rentals & Repair has you covered. Consider adding these three must-visit destinations to your Lake Camanche summer vacation.

Add These 3 Destinations to Your Lake Camanche Vacation

1. Black Chasm Cavern

The Black Chasm Cavern, just outside Volcano, California, has a history dating back long before the first documented exploration in 1854. Today, the cavern is a National Natural Landmark and guests can explore even further into the cavern than those who discovered it in the 19th century. As you wander through its three chambers, you’ll be guided by an experienced Cavern Naturalist who will explain the breathtaking features of the chasm, including the beautiful blue lake located inside the second chamber.

2. River Fox Train

After a few days of exploring Lake Camanche on your jet ski rentals, plan a train ride on the River Fox Train. Located in West Sacramento, this nostalgic train tour has everything you need for a fun day with family or friends. They offer a variety of experiences including a Murder Mystery Train Tour that places you right in the middle of a “who done it?” drama, and a railbike adventure, where you and a friend can pedal your way down the tracks, taking in the picturesque views. 

3. Gold Rush Tours

The Gold Rush Tour Company offers tours of some of the best local breweries, distilleries, and historic locations near Angels Camp, California. There are more than 20 wineries and breweries you can visit for exceptional local wines and brews. Stay for lunch or dinner and enjoy some flavorful and appetizing meals. The Whiskey Wagon is perfect for your group as you’ll stop by three different bars, pubs, or distilleries, and get a small sampling of the amazing brews and spirits these local breweries have to offer.

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