4 Safety Tips When Boating

Spending a day on the water with family and friends is a great way to make some great summer memories. Be sure your day doesn’t end with anyone making a trip to the ER by following all safety rules. This includes items like bringing a first aid kit, having life jackets on board, and having your boat checked before setting out on the lake. Thankfully, all of the boats at H2O Craft Rentals & Repair are stocked with life jackets and always checked by our professionals. We recommend you also follow these safety precautions each time you go boating.

4 Safety Tips When Boating

1. Check the Weather

Before getting out on the water, it’s always best to double-check the weather for the day. While a hot and sunny afternoon is perfect for being out on the waves, a cold, windy day can ruin it quickly. Also, if there’s a chance of a thunderstorm rolling through, you may want to plan on cutting your boating time short. 

2. Limit the Number of People

To keep everyone safe on the boat, be sure to follow the capacity restriction for your specific watercraft. Be sure not to overload the boat with equipment either. If you keep to the capacity restriction but bring on too much equipment, it can cause the boat to become unbalanced. This can lead to a dangerous situation, especially at high speeds.

3. Follow Common Sense

Although boating is a ton of fun, you still need to follow common sense when out on the water. This means you need to abide by all safety and boating rules at all times. Also, operate your boat at a safe speed and be sure to keep your boat at a safe distance from other, larger vessels.

4. Observe Proper Docking Procedures

To end your fun day out on the water, make sure you observe all proper docking procedures. 

  • Reduce speed and approach the dock slowly.
  • Make sure the bumpers are out so as to not harm your boat.
  • Secure the docking lines.
  • Compensate for the wind, if there is any.
  • Once you’re docked, secure the bow line.

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