Choose H2O for First-Class Boat Winterization and Service

Choose H2O for First-Class Boat Winterization and ServiceLooking back over this past summer, you can recall days spent boating in the sun, water skiing on Lake Tahoe, or bass fishing on Lake Camanche. Now that the summer season is over, it’s time to service your boat and prepare it for winter storage. The technicians at H20 Craft Rentals and Repair have been maintaining, servicing, and winterizing boats since 1994. You can trust us with any of your watercraft, including fishing boats, pontoons, and ski boats.

Certified Boat Mechanics

First-class boat repair begins with highly qualified and specially trained boat mechanics. All of our technicians are certified by WyoTech, a concentrated training program that prepares students for careers in the automotive and diesel industry. Not only does WyoTech provide top-notch automotive training, but they also teach “soft skills” such as customer service and professional appearance. You can be confident in both the professionalism and service provided by the team at H2O Craft Rentals and Repair.

Routine Service & Major Repairs

Whether your boat needs a routine checkup or has experienced major injury, our team is more than capable of repairing any type of damage caused by accidents, overuse, or natural wear and tear. We offer the following services, and more, for boat owners in the Lake Tahoe area:

  • Tuneups
  • General diagnostics
  • Trailer repairs
  • Engine oil and filter changes
  • Engine alignment
  • Throttle adjustment
  • Battery replacement

Boat Winterization

With the fall season in full swing, it’s time to think about winterizing your boat until next spring. If your watercraft is not properly winterized, it could cause costly and expensive repairs down the road. Our professional boat mechanics take these steps to carefully prepare your boat for winter storage:

  • Drain water from all areas of the boat
  • Pressure wash the exterior to remove all barnacles
  • Ensure batteries are fully charged and powered off
  • Assess boat for any needed repairs
  • Provide any necessary boat maintenance

Choose H2O Today

Contact H20 Craft Rentals today by calling (209) 833-6893. We are glad to serve Lake Tahoe and all surrounding areas with our boat rentals, jet ski rentals, and superb jet ski service and repairs.

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