Briefly Dock Your Lake Tahoe Boat Rental and Explore Underground

California is the perfect destination if you’re craving outdoor fun. Aside from world-class lakes and national parks, you can also find some great spots for underground exploration. Today we’ll talk about a few of the caves and caverns you’ll encounter when you dock your Lake Tahoe boat rental for a bit and explore underground.

Cave tours in California can be an incredibly fun way to spend a day with the family. The change of scenery and pace can really liven up any vacation. At, we recommend you spend just a little bit of time off the water and see what the Golden State has to offer below the surface.

The Sierra Nevada Recreation Corporation runs some of CA’s best caves. Here are a few places to check out when not out on the water in your Lake Tahoe boat rental from H20 Craft Rentals.

Black Chasm Cavern: Visitors to Black Chasm have the choice to take part in either a 50-minute walking tour or 3-hour labyrinth tour. The walking tour is a more mild experience, with walking platform and ladders to help visitors traverse the cavern. The labyrinth tour is considerably more strenuous and weaves visitors through the cave’s natural formations.


Walk Tour: Adult $14.95, Kids $7.95

Labyrinth Tour: $79 per person

California Cavern: Since 1850, California Cavern has been a popular attraction for tourists and California natives alike. Different tours are offered here and each one features a unique look into subterranean formations.

Two walking tours are available depending on the season at California Cavern. During the dry season, visitors can take the Trail of Lights Walk Tour and marvel at the cavern’s crystalline structures. During the wet season the walking tour is referred to as the Trail of Lakes Walk Tour due to the pools of water that gather at different spots throughout the cave.


Adult: $14.95

Child: $7.95

After a long day of subterranean exploration, you’re going to need some more time to relax. Getting your hands on a Lake Tahoe boat rental or Jet Ski rental from H2O Craft Rentals is all it takes to let the stresses of day of caving melt away. Contact us today at (209) 833-6893 and let us help get you started on your next aquatic adventure.

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