Ask These 3 Questions When Reserving a Jet Ski Rental

Are you planning to take a few days this summer to spend some much-needed relaxation time near the Woodward Reservoir? If so, make plans today to reserve a jet ski rental from H2O Craft Rentals and Repair. With our jet ski rentals, you can make lasting summertime memories with family and friends while experiencing the rush of adrenaline when riding the waves. Before finalizing your vacation plans, we recommend asking these three questions when renting a jet ski or wave runner.

Ask These 3 Questions When Reserving a Jet Ski Rental

1. How Long Can I Rent a Jet Ski?

Each jet ski rental company has different rental rates and rental times. Some may only rent by the hour while others prefer to rent by the day. It’s always good to ask how long you can rent a jet ski, as your plans may change based on their availability. You may be planning a whole day on the water when they only rent wave runners for no more than a few hours. At H2O Craft Rentals, we offer jet ski rentals anywhere from 24 hours through 7 days. 

2. What Does a Jet Ski Rental Include?

You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for the rental price. Many wave runner rental companies charge a flat fee for the rental and then extra fees for necessary items like life vests or dry storage bins. All of our watercraft rentals include life vests, trailers, and necessary safety equipment.

3. Can I Take My Jet Ski Rental Anywhere?

Depending on the area, some jet ski rentals must be used only in specific bodies of water. Make sure you’re not disappointed if you had plans to ride the waves in the next town, only to find out you can’t tow your wave runner rental outside the city limits. At H2O Craft Rentals, you can ride or tow our jet ski rentals to the following places:

  • Waterways and lakes near Manteca
  • Lake Camanche
  • Lake Don Pedro
  • Lake Tulloch
  • Tracy Oasis Marina
  • Woodward Reservoir
  • Lake Tahoe
  • And many more!

Plan Your Jet Ski Adventure Today

Don’t delay any longer! Request a quote for our jet ski rentals by calling (209) 833-6893. If you’d like to experience all we have to offer, you can also rent one of our ski boats, fishing boats, or pontoon boats. We look forward to helping you make memories to last a lifetime!

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