4 Watersports to Enjoy at Lake Tulloch

Are you looking for some outdoor fun on the water in the Tulloch Bay area? You have plenty of options when it comes to watersports on Lake Tulloch (also known as Tulloch Reservoir). Consider these four fun watersport rental options brought to you by H2O Craft Rentals & Repair of Tracy, CA.

Lake Tulloch

1. Feel the thrill of a jet ski rental.

If speed is your thing, then you definitely want to check out a jet ski rental. Imagine yourself skirting across the Lake Tulloch waters from one end of the reservoir to the other. You can see all that the lake has to offer and have a lot of fun doing it.

2. Enjoy a slower pace with a pontoon boat rental.

Groups of up to 13 people—or individuals who just want a chill, easy day out on Lake Tulloch—will enjoy a pontoon boat rental. A pontoon boat rental is great for all ages, and you can bring your food and other refreshments with you. Some of our pontoon boat rentals even include a gas barbecue!

3. Test your skills with a ski boat rental.

Whether you are a professional water skier or want to try your hand at this fun watersport for the first time, get a ski boat rental from H2O Craft Rentals & Repair. You’ll love skiing around the lake on your own two feet! In addition to ski boat rentals, we also carry waterski rentals and other equipment you may not own but will want for your water skiing adventure.

4. Cast a line off the side of a fishing boat rental.

If fishing is your thing, then Lake Tulloch has you covered. Rent a fishing boat from us, bring your fishing buddies, and enjoy some time catching fish out on the water while enjoying views of the Table Mountain range.

For any of these watersport activities, contact H2O Craft Rentals & Repair at (209) 833-6893. Be sure to also check out our online rental specials. Let us help you enjoy a day of water fun at Lake Tulloch!

photo credit: 217_1794_IMG via photopin (license)

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