The 4-1-1 on Boat Rental

At H2O Craft Rentals & Repair, we get a fair number of questions from our California boat rental customers. We appreciate your desire to gather all the details before making your rental decisions, so we want to help you out! Here are a few of our most common boat rental questions and their answers.

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1. How old do you have to be to rent a boat?

In order to rent a boat, we require that the lessee be at least 21 years old. You must also present a valid driver’s license upon signing the rental agreement.

2. Do we have to bring our own life jackets?

Life jackets are included in the boat rental rate. However, if you want rental accessories, such as wet suits, knee boards, wake boards, water skis, or other watersport equipment, plan to pay a little bit more.

3. Who can operate the boat rental?

No one other than the individual listed on the boat rental agreement can drive the boat. The lessee is fully responsible for the boat during the rental period and is responsible for anything that happens to it.

4. How many passengers may I take out on the water?

The number of allowable passengers depends on the type of boat rental. You can fit up to eight people in the typical ski boat rental but up to 13 passengers in some of our pontoon boat rental models. Be sure to check out each rental description prior to booking to make sure the boat rental can accommodate your crew.

Additional Questions?

If you still want to learn more about our boat rentals, contact H2O Craft Rentals & Repair of California at (209) 833-6893. We can talk you through your boat rental options and tell you about our current rental specials. You can also read through our boat rental policies and boat rental agreement.

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