Don Pedro Lake on Your California Jet Ski Rental!

Don Pedro Lake is actually the 5th largest man-made lake in California with over 2.3 million acre feet of water. Surrounded by rolling hills and oak trees, this beautiful reservoir is situated in a canyon carved out by the Tuolumne river. Several tributaries drain directly into Don Pedro Lake allowing the water levels to remain high and the comfortably warm summer water temperatures.

Fishing on Don Pedro Lake is available year-round with excellent opportunities for bass, trout, salmon, crappie, bluegill and even catfish. Smallmouth bass are found throughout the lake on rocky points and islands and Don Pedro Lake is also known for producing large numbers of salmon.

With over 14 million visitors since its opening in 1971, Don Pedro Lake is a highly visited lake. It has over 160 miles of shoreline and 13,000 acre-feet of surface area perfect for boating, fishing, water sports, swimming, and more.

This history of the lake dates back to 1923 when what was originally Don Pedro Dam was barely able to accommodate irrigation needs. The city and county of San Francisco banded together to come up with a new water resource. The result of this massive project was the Don Pedro Lake.

And just why is it called Don Pedro Lake? Don Pedro was actually a French pioneer and well known in California’s history as one of the founders. His name was actually Pierre Sainsevain, but back then anyone who owned a rancho was titled Don and Pierre translates to Pedro in Spanish.

So now that you have a little history of the lake, listen up as we tell you about all you can do while vacationing at Don Pedro Lake in La Grange, California. Looking to take your Lake Tahoe boat rental out on the water? The great thing about Don Pedro Lake is its size; you surely won’t feel crowded no matter how many people are vacationing here.

And of course boating and water sports of all types is popular across the lake. With a jet ski rental in CA, you’ll have the time of your life whether you are looking for an adventure during your vacation or a fun afternoon with friends! Never driven any of our waverunner rentals before? Don’t worry – riding our jet ski rentals at Lake Don Pedro or any other body of water in California is simple, uncomplicated and fun.

Picnic areas can also be found at Fleming Meadows and Moccasin Point recreation areas on Don Pedro. They offer green grass and a sandy beach along with numerous tables for your packed lunch. Fleming Meadows even has a swimming lagoon, which is very popular with family and friends who come to stay at Don Pedro Lake.

Another fun thing you can do besides enjoying your California jet ski rental is to take a hike. California has a beautiful countryside, and you can hike and see it here. You can download a copy of the trail brochure before you leave for vacation and plan where looks good to go for a hike.

And when you are ready to settle in for the night, you can stay at Blue Oaks Campground, Fleming Meadows Campground, or Moccasin Point Campground. All of these fill up quickly, so be sure to get your reservations ahead of time. They all have water, electricity hookups, hot showers, restrooms, and a barbeque/fire ring.

California has a great number of lakes for you to stay at on your vacation. Check back with us as we continue telling you about some of these. Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll find some more information just for you.

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