6 Family Activities to Enjoy Near Lake Tulloch: Part 2

With the warm summer weather approaching, families in the Lake Tulloch and surrounding areas are planning week-long vacations, quick getaways, and days of fun enjoying the water. There are so many exciting and entertaining water activities to enjoy near Lake Tulloch. The team at H2O Craft Rentals & Repair recommends adding these favorite water pastimes to your summer holiday calendar. 

6 Family Activities to Enjoy Near Lake Tulloch: Part 2

4. Water Skiing

For a high-adventure ride on the water, plan to take your family water skiing at Lake Tulloch. Nothing compares to feeling the spray of the water and the wind in your face as you glide across the waves. If skiing isn’t your thing, then you may enjoy riding in the ski boat while a family member is being towed behind. 

5. Boating

If you appreciate the calm atmosphere of the water, then boating may be more your style. Rent one of our spacious pontoon boat rentals. Plan on soaking up the sun or taking a refreshing swim with family and friends. Spend hours on the lake, as there’s a large sun canopy, a cooler for snacks and drinks, and room for eight to 12 people.

6. Swimming

As any family with children will agree, swimming is usually a favorite pastime for the kiddos. Kids could spend every day at the beach, splashing in the water and playing in the warm sand. If you’re looking for a more relaxing and easy-going family vacation, plan on staying near Lake Tulloch and passing the sunny days away at the beach.

Family Vacations in Lake Tulloch

Have we convinced you to spend your family vacation at Lake Tulloch? Hopefully, we have! When you’ve set a date and a reserved lodging, be sure to call us at (209) 833-6893 to request a quote for our watercraft rentals. Choose from our ski boat rentals, pontoon boat rentals, fishing boat rentals, or jet ski rentals. We look forward to helping you experience a fun-filled family vacation!

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