Lake Tahoe Boat Rental Safety Tips

pontoon-boat-rentalNow that summer is finally here, it’s time to get out those jet skis and boats! Both residents and visitors find that California is one of the best states for an outdoor excursion. With its crystal-clear water, Lake Tahoe is a breathtaking destination for aquatic adventures.

At H20 Craft Rentals, we supply countless ways to have fun on the water, but it’s also important that our customers abide by a few safety precautions. In our previous blog post, we mentioned valuable safety tips when you’re treading water on a jet ski rental. If you plan on renting a boat, keep these safety tips in mind during your time at Lake Tahoe:

  • Check the Weather: Although the area is known for beautiful weather, it’s important to check local weather conditions to make sure wind or storms won’t be a problem.
  • Use Common Sense: Always follow basic safety standards, such as maintaining safe speeds and steering clear of other watercraft.
  • Wear life jackets: Make sure every passenger is wearing a fitted life jacket prior to departure.
  • Avoid Alcohol: A majority of boating accidents could have been avoided if the driver was not under the influence. Stay alert and sober while driving a boat rental.
  • Educate Yourself: Are you interested in learning more about handling a boat? You can become familiar with all the safety rules by completing a community course or online tutorial on boating.

During your vacation on the lake, observe these safety precautions to avoid any trips to the emergency room. At H20 Craft Rentals, we want to ensure that our customers are safe while boating in Lake Tahoe. Call us today at (209) 833-6893 to reserve your rental in advance.

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